• megabyteGrade 9 Computing Applications is where MBIS students have their first formal introduction to the world of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). The course is split into three sections; ICT in our lives, ICT skills and ICT projects.

    Course Text: MegabyteCotton S., Teager G., Austin R. (2002). OXFORD

    Self enrolment

  • megabyteMegabyte

    Simon Cotton, Graham Teager and Rob Austin

  • Whether you decideto go to university or into the work environment; it will be important that you can use standard computer applications effectively. This course will concentrate on how to use Microsoft Office applications well. At the end of each quarter you  will  work on a project enabling you to  apply the skills that you have learnt throughout the course.

    On this course you will learn:
    • how to touch type to a speed of at least 25 wpm
    • how to use PowerPoint and present effectively
    • how to use Word effectively
    • how to use Publisher effectively
    • how to use Excel effectively
    • how to use Access effecively

    Self enrolment
  • ICTGSEGrade 10 Computing Applications extends the knowledge of student's knowledge and skills in ICT from skills mastered in grade 9. The course is split into three sections; ICT in our lives, ICT skills and ICT projects as well as an emphasis on typing. Over the course of the year, students will complete four major projects which respectively focus on spreadsheets, presentations, databases desktop publishing.

    Course Text: ict for gcse, Tim Roderick, Geoff Rushbrook (2002). OXFORD

  • 1Computer Science A emphasizes object-oriented programming methodology using Java with an emphasis on problem solving, algorithm development and modelling reality with virtual simulations.
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