Grade 9/10 - Geometry

The main purpose of the geometry curriculum is to develop geometric skills and concepts and the ability to construct formal logical arguments and proofs in a geometric setting. Although the curriculum is weighted heavily in favor of plane (synthetic) Euclidean geometry, there is room for placing special emphasis on coordinated geometry and its transformations. Students construct and judge the validity of a logical argument and give counterexamples to disprove a statement. Starting with undefined terms and axioms, students learn to establish the validity of other assertions through logical deductions; that is, they learn to prove theorems. This is their first encounter with an axiomatic system, and experience shows that they do not easily adjust to the demand of total precision needed for the task. In general, it is important to impress on students from the beginning that the main point of a proof is the mathematical correctness of the argument, not the literary polish of the writing or the adherence to a particular proof format.